Push Notification from Arduino Yún with motion sensor (Part 2/2)

Supposedly, you’ve already filled your theoretical knowledge gaps and prepared hardware after reading the first part. Before we move on to the essence, I just want to mention that while I was writing this part, a few questions arised that most likely would’ve stayed unanswered without Ivan‘s input – thanks (officially 🙂 ) for being so helpful!

Ok, what are we doing again?

We are going to use Temboo’s client (preinstalled on every Yún) to communicate it with API of – a mobile backend – which will then send a push notification to Android device. As it states on the official site “Temboo makes it easy for the Arduino Yún to connect to over 100 web-based resources and services (e.g. Facebook, Dropbox, US Census data) by standardizing how you interact with their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)”. To be more specific, it makes it easy to call these external API’s with smart code snippets called Choreos (all of Choreos are listed here).



Push Notification from Arduino Yún with motion sensor (Part 1/2)

Due to the surprising popularity of my first post and the fact that it’s content was targeted mainly to people that are already a bit experienced (at least enough to admit IntelliJ’s superiority over Arduino IDE 🙂 ), I’ve decided to keep on researching about Internet of Things from my Android dev’s perspective.


Circuit preparation

Wire up your Arduino with motion sensor using below schematic (made in Fritzing).



Simple as that, now we have to…